Can I Fly with Florida Flight Sports?

What's stopping you?

Too Fat for PPG?

Paramotor flight is available to most anyone with the desire.

Advancements in wing and motor technology have made flight possible for anyone. This sport is not only for skinny little 20 somethings any more! There is no reason everyone can't take this life changing journey.

Wheeled Launch

If your knees and back cannot handle running wheel launch may be for you! Trikes are safe and stable flying platforms. Wether you prefer the simple Retracta Trike or a more substancial frame around you, there is a machine for you.

Weight Limits?

It's sad but some schools have pilot weight limits. This is mostly due to equipment limitations. We have no pilot weight limit and will work to get you trained as a safe pilot. I am a full sized 270lb pilot. I started as a trike flyer and later cross trained in foot launch.