Rick E. Davies

PPG Gorilla

I've always had a passion for flight and a love of anything that flies.

  • Private Pilot Single Engine VFR
  • ASC Basic Flight Instructor
  • ASC Tandem exemption

Rick P. Davies

Gorilla Ground

  • A lifelong pilot and aviation enthusiast
  • First Licensed as a Private Pilot in 1965
  • Currently rated Commercial, Instrument, and Certified Flight Instructor
  • Over 2500 hours fixed wing flight time


Flying Dog

  • Trained flying dog
  • Emotional support animal
  • Cow lookout
  • Head of security

Paul Aubuchon

Callsign, Flatliner

  • Licensed as a Private Pilot since 1968
  • Currently rated Commercial Pilot, Multi engine, Insturment, and Advanced Ground Instructor
  • Previously Certified Flight Instructor
  • Over 2100 hours fixed wing flight