Whats your style? At Florida Flight Sports we don't limit ourselves to any one brand of paramotor. It's about finding what is right for the pilot. If you don't see it here chances are we can still get it for you!

Introducing The Parajet Maverick!

It's right for you because...

As you set out on your latest challenge you want that one capable paramotor that works perfectly across all levels. Meet the Parajet Maverick Sport. A light, compact paramotor that's easy to haul around the flying field and durable enough to take on those hard butt-landings before getting settled into the whole landing on your feet thing. The Parajet Maverick Sport is the best choice in our line-up for those new pilots wanting a seriously proficient and progressive paramotor to help mitigate the learning curve. All the value, plus all the versatility. The Maverick Sport is designed to hold up to the rigor of the training field yet still hold up once you're ready to log some serious airtime. Unquestionably, the Maverick Sport sits at the pinnacle of the Parajet range. Effortlessly potent, the legendary Moster 185 Plus MY20 engine puts out 75 kilos of balanced power that's smooth, responsive and instantly rewarding for the beginner or recreational pilot, yet has plenty in reserve for those with an appetite for adventure or other disciplines. Technical development and constant innovation enrich the performance with improved reliability, reduced fuel consumption and a more seductive exhaust note. When you fly a paramotor this dependable, you'll spend more time concentrating on your flying and the outright thrill of the overall experience. As your flying progresses, you'll be blown away as to how capable the Maverick Sport actually is. It combines the best qualities for an unbelievably efficient and competent rig. Fully adept at taking on everything from low level, hedge-hopping, and foot dragging, to pulling wing-overs and flying off on the occasional cross-country excursion, you'll always have the right tool for the job. For pilots who don't settle for one style, the Maverick Sport allows you to change it up without worrying about whether you have too little or too much for your flying. Perfect for those that live for the thrill of adventure, or the camaraderie of flying with friends. With the Maverick Sport your flying will never get boring and will do it all while delivering maximum smiles.

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