Learn to Operate a Paramotor with Experienced Instructors

Offering comprehensive paramotor training services in Wauchula, FL, serving Fort Meade, FL

Paramotoring is one of the easiest and safest forms of flight to master. It offers the kind of flying experience that is unmatched by other forms of aviation. Count on Florida Flight Sports for paramotor training services in Wauchula, FL, serving Fort Meade, FL.

Our training can help you get the most out of your paramotoring experience. A trained pilot knows how to:

This can greatly enhance the overall flying experience. Call us today to learn more about our paramotor training services.

Safety is always our top priority

Our paramotor safety training services will teach you how to keep yourself and others safe during your flight sessions.

We'll explain all of the rules about flying over neighborhoods and where to launch or land. We'll help you understand how to take the surroundings and weather into consideration.

We'll also make sure to teach you what to do in stressful situations or how to react in the unlikely event that your motor dies. Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment for our paramotor safety training services.

Gorilla Training

Wind Handling / Kiting

At Florida Flight Sports we teach the USPPA Syllabus. Students will receive an in depth printed syllabus that details all of the skills and training we will be covering during your training. Sessions will alternate between the practice field, classroom, and hangar depending on subject matter and weather.

Wind Handling / Kiting

Your journey will start with becoming familiar with the wing and learning how to control it. Whether you are a wheeled or foot launch pilot wing control is the most important part of flying.

You will start out with the 14 meter SOL FUN WING. It's a smaller easy to control ground handling wing that builds the muscle memory and connection with the wing. It's small size allows us to practice in stronger wind conditions where a full size wing is not practical. Not everyone is physically able to run and kite a wing. Don't worry, it's not a deal breaker! We have devoloped training methods to accomodate everyone.


The Basics

Kiting and Wing Control

Crawl, Walk, then Run or Roll into the sky! You will become familiar with your wing from the risers, trims, lines, and fabric. You will learn ground control by kiting or inflating and taxiing on the trike. This time spent on the field develops that crucial connection between the pilot and his wing.

Flight Training

Time to fly!

Once you've learned all of the basics it's time to leave the nest. We will start out with inflations and long controlled taxi runs. When the weather is right and you've mastered inflation and taxi, you will make your 1st solo flight. You will be in constant communication with an instructor over the radio for your first 10 to 12 flights.

Ground School

2 sessions of classroom learning

Your ground school will be taught by Gorilla Ground and Paul Abachoun. Both are long time Flight Instructors and Advanced Ground Instructors. In these sessions you will learn the principals of flight, aerodynamics, Part 103 law, airspace, and aviation weather.


Your journey has only begun

When your training is complete you will be a safe and confident pilot. This is where the real learning begins as you refine your technique find what type of flying you enjoy most. You are always welcome to come back for additional time if you need help at no charge.

Florida Flight Sports is a Certified USPPA Training Center