Rick was a patient and amazing trainer. My husband, our friend, and myself all trained with Rick for over a week and left feeling competent and confident to make safe flights on our own. We had an absolute blast!! We had many laughs too.

Jennifer M.

I have been scoping out paramotoring schools for years, and talked to many different companies about getting the proper training and techniques from licensed professionals. Out of all the instructors I had spoken with all along the east coast, Rick Davies with Florida Flight Sports stood out among the rest. This was a big deal for me as it was a 10hr drive and a weeks worth of training. Rick was knowledgeable about his trade, easy to work with and learn off of, and fairly priced with both training and gear. 10/10 I would recommend to anyone who's trying to get into paramotoring, I always felt like I was safe, in control, and getting my time & monies worth.

zackery michalek

Wonderful training experience with Florida Flight Sports!
Ricks approach is systematic, patient and thorough.
I've have had literally dozens of instructors for both helicopter and fixed wing training so I can say with some credibility Rick's safety first methodology coupled with his calm, professional patience will have you flying confidently and quickly.
If you don't catch on to some part of the training, well, no problem, he'll just go over it again. No drama, no pressure.
Florida Flight Sports is not just a flight training center, in that, PPG Gorilla is so well known it becomes an introduction into the nationwide PPG community.
Of course Rick must follow a training syllabus but you get so much more. Real world experience gleaned from thousands of flights and my favorite.
PPG maintenance, which believe me, every PPG pilot will become involved in to some extent wheather it be simply mixing your two stroke oil/fuel properly or rebuilding your engine! You will need to know some level of PPG maintenance if your going to fly these aircraft.
I am highly pleased with my Florida Flight Sports training

Robert Mason

Great Paragliding school. Rick makes you feel at home, great caring knowledgeable instructor. Cares about the sport and emphasizes safety. Call him for a consultation and schedule an introduction flight, you wont be sorry.

David Curry

I wanted to expand my current paramotoring experience to include trike launch. Rick was really fun to work with and he is truly a great instructor. I had a great experience and walked away feeling really confident in the new skills he taught me. If you are looking for a great trike launch instructor, then definitely give Rick a call!

Aric Ellis

Rick of Florida Flight Sports has been a joy to work with. I was considering several different training companies and I'm glad I chose Florida Flight Sports. From day one, Rick makes you feel welcome and a part of the PPG clan. Training is hard, especially foot launch, but frustration is met with encouragement and constructive criticism ensuring you get the most out of your training, even failed launches. One of Rick's best qualities that makes him a great trainer is his patience. PPG is a relatively safe sport, but even PPG requires good judgment and sound decision-making skills to ensure a fun and safe flying experience. This is where his patience shines. Rick never pushes you outside of your comfort zone. He makes every attempt to make training as enjoyable and safe as possible, ensuring you have the physical and mental stamina to meet the demands of the sport as they come. If you aren't sure about your weight or physical condition, reach out to him! I'm a big guy, and Rick assured me "You can do this!" I highly endorse Florida Flight Sports and this review was in no way solicited. See you in the skies and thank you Rick for making the hard part of training as enjoyable as possible

Scott Presbrey

If you're within distance to learn with Florida Flight Sports I highly recommend it. Gorilla is extremely nice, hilarious at times, professional, and most importantly hes very patient and knowledgable. Flying is one of the most satisfying activities, and to fly PPG it becomes affordable, and is way different than flying fixed wing (in a good way). They're more than happy to steer you in the right direction and get you flying with quality gear and instruction. Reach out and make contact like I did and grab some info, you wont regret it. The other pilots and crew at CHN seem very friendly and welcoming.

Alex B

Do you want to check off a bucket list. Or fulfill a life long dream. Or in my case do something totally different than anything else you have ever done.
Florida Flight Sports is that place.
My situation was different than others and that didn't matter. From the first time I met Gorilla and Gorilla ground they were there to make that happen. They make you feel confident and safe through the entire process. The Sky Pirates are great also it's a instant feeling of friendship and support from all.
One of the best phone calls I have made.

Richard Bowker

I recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend at this school and it is top notch. I took my lessons somewhere else but I had the pleasure of meeting gorilla and his crew. Really good people and a good vaue. He is very professional.

Kenneth Jones

If you dream of flying then Florida Flight Sports is the place to do just that. Dreams do come true here it will change your life, follow your dreams .

Herminio Mulero

Thx Rick and Rick Sr.
Great experience, I highly recommend.

peter tosh