Florida Flight Sports Training Prices

Your journey begins here.

Full Training With Gear Provided

With our gear: $2900

If you don't have paramotor gear yet thats okay! You can train on our gear and figure out what you want to purchase. Includes foot launch or trike training.

The full paramotor training program starting with kiting and ground control with a small wing and then gradually works up to the wing you'll be flying. Ground school will teach you what you need to know about paramotors, FAR part 103, weather, and airspace.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Once you're ready you will make your solo flights!

You will be a safe and confident paramotor pilot but you can return anytime for continued training for life.

If you end up purchasing gear from us you will receive a discount on training.

Full Training

With your gear: $2900

If you already own a paramotor and wing that's okay too! We can train you using your own equipment.

Same as above but with your paramotor and wing.

Note: Your equipment mut be in good flying condition. We will not use outdated, improperly sized, or unsafe equipment

Full Training

With purchase of a paramotor: $2000

If you would like to purchase one of our paramotor equipment packages we will discount your training. You will then be able to train on your own equipment.

Hybrid Training


Fly with NO LIMITS! Why limit yourself to one type of flying? Modern light paramotors like Skymax and Power2fly paired with trikes like the Colibri and Retract-A Trike can be switched out in a few minutes. Foot launch when the conditions are good and roll into the air on those challenging no wind days. Hybrid Training will have you ready for either skill set!

Hourly Training

At your own pace: $300 per session

Everyone is different. With hourly training you can learn at your own pace. This type of training is good for foot launch pilots that want to learn to fly wheeled units.

Some people have experience that can easily transition to paramotors. If your the already a Private Pilot, Ex Military with 2000 skydives and don't want full training type we can go by the session. A session is normally from 7am to 10am or evenings if weather permits. You must master wing control before you fly either way. This is for people with previous flight experience.